Senior Citizen in College Essay

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Kevin T. Ellis
English 155/Ms. Quinn
26 March 2013
Should Colleges Accept Senior Citizen Student Imagine sitting next to someone’s father or grandmother in a classroom, at first it may feel awkward having a senior age classmate. Later you find they are just well on their subjects both in the classroom and online, and might be someone to consider as a study buddy on a class project. Keep in mind to those older Americans returning to school, the world of the classrooms, can seem both foreign and intimidating. For some senior citizens, taken online courses also eliminate the fear of feeling out of place, where being in a class full of decades-younger students may make them feel, shamed at not having completed their education.
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For senior citizens such as myself there are many advantages to returning to school, some of which are totally taking to the learning experience itself. For one thing, my wife and grandchildren feel I’m about the coolest thing on the planet since “peanut and jelly”. For me, the learning make “your brain- cells stand at attention like little soldiers”, because they are taking in so much new information and being stimulated instead of just lying there, and it’s been over forty years since high school for me. Man, history takes on a whole new meaning when the events discussed in class are those which you yourself have lived through especially the wars, and plant layoffs, and getting the chance to share that in class is very helpful. Think about that! Your past historical experiences are added education within a younger group, and on a practical level, give you something else to talk about besides aches, pains, Social Security, Medical, and reading the obituaries”(Williams).

Regardless of age, all students are concerned about tuition, the cost, and how are they going to pay; this can add pressure and stress to the senior citizen student who already financially stressful life. Lucky, provisions for the reduction or even a waiver in most of the states are provided for the senior citizen so they can enroll in classes at institutions that

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