Senior Citizen Interview Analysis

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Erik Erikson was a theorist who developed the idea that life happens in stages and that an experience of one person might be very close to the experience of another person. He broke the lifespan up into eight stages. The first five stages range from infancy to the end of adolescence and early adulthood in a person’s 20’s. Erikson formulated his ideas based on the ideas of Sigmund Freud but challenged some of them in the sense that his stage of life theory wasn’t based on psychosexual stages but on other factors not relating to sexuality in any way. The focal point of this paper is to conduct a senior citizen interview, and apply the real-life examples to Erikson’s stages of life for elderly persons.

Senior Citizen: The Interview
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She also added that she cares now about herself and her interests, which include her family, more than anything else at this point. Although this at first seemed like a slightly selfish comment, once she elaborated on what she meant by her own self-interests, which included being alive to get to watch her grandkids grow, her statement’s meaning became infinitely clearer. By talking about her children and grandchildren, she exemplified that her family has been successful and that she’s proud of the choices she made since they helped shape the lives of her …show more content…
It’s a common theme throughout the experiences of individuals to share similar stories stemming from similar and close ages and it’s common to have these experiences shape the rest of one’s life in terms of both what it will be like but also what the person will be able to later recollect as either positive or negative. Erikson connected the sense of self a person might have, to the events of their past, and correlated the retrospection of these events with a sense of self-worth and satisfaction, or lack thereof. Distancing his ideas from one of his educators in psychological life stage theory, his counterpart Freud, meant that his ideas would of course be scrutinized. This was acceptable to him since he felt that sexuality as Freud had conjured the image of, wasn’t the heart of the progression of life’s stages but that life was more based on relationships and the way people feel about their lives. Erikson had ideas that were great and relatable to so many people throughout any and all points in their

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