Senior Art Major Diana Ostiguy Essay

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You can always find senior Art major Diana Ostiguy in a very unique place: through the doors of Antone, down the main hallway, up the back staircase, and into a well lit, shared art studio on the top floor. Entering the studio, makeshift walls separate individual studio spaces that contain desks and easels. Ostiguy’s studio space, tucked away in a corner, is where you can find her, hunched over her desk, sketching out ideas on paper with the help from a single light above her.
Peering over her shoulder, Ostiguy is working on her favorite piece. “Actually when I first started it, it was my least favorite. It was just not a style I was familiar with, and it was just so different from what I usually do, because it’s really exaggerated and I usually like to be pretty realistic when it comes to drawing people. You wouldn’t see purple snakes in reality,” she said, referencing the purple snakes on her Medusa drawing. Ostiguy hunches over her desk, squints at the paper, and continues to sketch.
With long dark hair, glasses and a love for black eyeliner, Ostiguy considers herself to be a shy person who expresses herself through her art. “I was really shy growing up, actually. I always kept to myself I was super… I don’t know, I just didn’t like being around people,” Ostiguy says with a laugh. She has been drawing and painting since she was young, with a grandmother who used to do arts and crafts with her. She originally came to Salve as a Cultural and Historical Preservation major,…

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