Essay about Seneca 's Philosophy : What You I Have The Cure For Anger?

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What if I told you I have the cure for anger? Well, that’s what the philosopher Seneca would explain to you so matter of factly as simple as pessimism or lowering your expectations. Seneca stated, “Though the terrain of frustration may be vast--from a stubbed toe to an untimely death--at the heart of every frustration lies a basic structure: the collision of a wish with an unyielding reality” (de Botton,80). Seneca’s philosophy implies, to not go so far as living your life catastrophizing, but to simply be prepared for the worst and use optimism very cautiously. For the purposes of this essay I will be applying Seneca’s philosophy to a couple of experiences I’ve had recently and assess the outcome. The challenge for me will be taking on Seneca’s seemingly passive disposition, where I am typically a very reactive person. However, for this assignment I’m going to be practicing stoicism, pessimism and acceptance as Seneca would, in an effort to reduce or completely mitigate the anger and frustration.

According to de Botton, Seneca 's philosophy suggest that at the heart of frustration and anger lies unrealistic expectations being unmet. He goes on to note his observations of the fortunate and wealthy to have increased frustration and anger in their lives in comparison to that of your everyday, average, person. Seneca found that this increase in anger was brought on by the most fortunate having higher expectations which are usually unreasonable. For example; the idea…

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