Semiotic Advertising Analysis

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The advertisement used for this semiotic reading is for the Schick Company that manufactures razor blades for shaving unwanted hair. The ad is located in Shape magazine, which endorses fitness, and supplies tips to help people keep their bodies in shape. Easy access makes this physical copy of the advertisement attainable to people who are most likely working out in gyms, or is insecure with their bodies. However, the marketing of this particular ad is towards women who want to keep their bikini areas trimmed and contained of unwanted hair as way to beautify themselves.
There are numerous denotations located in the composition of this advertisement. The composition features an outdoor nature landscape, Greek architectural structures, and
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However, the striking difference about these bannisters are the three stone gray planters that are sitting on top. The three planters have plants that are springing above into the sky horizon, but not above the statue of Venus. In fact, the artistically sculptured plants are geometric in shape and create a line that moves the viewer’s eye straight into the intimate area of Venus. The shape of the first plant is of a geometric cube, the second plant looks like a geometric sphere, and the placement of the third plant hovers right over the private region of Venus, and is shaped like a reversed triangle. After the banister, there are shorten shadows cast from the architectural structures that are flowing to the right of the advertisement.
The last important visual aspect that anchors the ad is the copy that states “Quattro for Women, Trimstyle. Whatever your style. The only four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. Shave, trim and transform with just the flip of a handle. FREE YOUR SKIN”. This copy is located on the bottom left of the ad, and is placed in a white space. In addition, there is a bright pink packaged product located on the left of the copy, and light grey and bright pink razor blade located on the
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The syntagmatic composition of the unruliness characterization of the trees located furthest back on the picture planet, then the placement of the trimmed geometric bushes in front of those trees, and finally the maintained grass all signifies the process of shaving. The foliage signifies hair. In addition, the freshly cut green grass signifies human hair that has been cut, and civilized, because generally, people see cut grass on the lawns of homes, park and recreation centers, schools, and general areas where people practice lawn maintenance. The imaginary signifiers is the process of the maintenance. This is not shown in the picture, but the reader subconsciously knows that a maintenance process is exclusive as to why the grass and bushes look polished compared to the trees. Therefore, the maintenance of the foliage imaginarily signifies the actual razor, the syntagmatic composition of the foliage signifies hair growth, and the combination of both symbolizes the razor blade shaving

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