Seminar in Marketing Exam Essay

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First question:-
Corantor is a hi-tech global company with a traditionally low profile. Until recently, if you asked anyone if he knew the corantor brand name, the like hood was that he would say yes. However, he might not have known what Corantor provides in the way of its total product range, and might have associated the brand name and company with traditional technology. The "Let's Make Things Better" global brand campaign has raised the corantor profile, and provided it with a more focused and distinctive personality.
From your point of view, what did corantor do to build its strong Brand and be well known by every one?
Building a strong brand is the goal of many organizations Corantor started small but built a solid reputation
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This will have a direct correlation with the brand value.

Second Question:
Not every product is a Brand. And your company has a lot of products to sell.
• Tell a success story from inside your company about turning, building, re-launching a brand
• What are the steps that were used towards this brand, or launch a new brand in to the market.
• And mention from your point of view and with understanding of the branding cycle what is/are the thing(s) that your company were missing that made this brand failing in the market,and what was the problem,
• and how did your company do to re-brand or re-launch it and made it a successful brand and be able to compete successfully in the market.

Re-launching a brand means thinking beyond a new design or a new name. It means, "going deeper." Many a time in marketing, there comes a stage in the life of a brand when it needs to be re-worked and relaunched to take it to a different level.

Brands go through various stages of evolution in their life and often may need to be restructured and repositioned, revitalized or rejuvenated to improve their sales and market share and profits.

Brand Relaunching - cafeteria in faculty of dentistry as example

Implemented steps of relaunching:

1. Decide...why do I need to rebrand the objective to renew

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