Semimembranosus Tendon Case Study

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Semimembranosus Tendinitis With Rehab

Tendinitis is a condition in which tendons become irritated or swollen. Tendons are bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones and help with joint movements. The semimembranosus tendon attaches one of the muscles on the back of the thigh (hamstring muscles) to the hip bone and the shin bone (tibia). This tendon helps in straightening the hip and bending the knee. Semimembranosus tendinitis often causes pain on the back inner side of the knee.

This condition is caused by stress on the tendon, which may result from:
• A sudden increase in training or in the intensity of your training.
• Overuse of the knee joint.
• Your body trying to compensate for other leg injuries.

The following factors
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Complete this exercise __________ times a day.
These exercises build strength and endurance in your thigh. Endurance is the ability to use your muscles for a long time, even after they get tired.
Exercise B: Straight Leg Raises, Hip Extensors
1 Lie on your belly on a bed or a firm surface with a pillow under your hips.
2 Bend your left / right knee so that your foot is straight up in the air.
3 Squeeze your buttock muscles and lift your left / right thigh off the bed. Do not let your back arch.
4 Hold this position for __________seconds.
5 Slowly return to the starting position. Let your muscles relax completely before doing another repetition.
Repeat __________ times. Complete this exercise __________ times a day.
Exercise C: Bridge, Hip Extensors
1 Lie on your back on a firm surface with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
2 Tighten your buttocks muscles and lift your bottom off the floor until your trunk is level with your thighs. You should feel the muscles in your buttocks and in the back of your thighs working. If you do not feel these muscles, slide your feet 1–2 inches (2.5–5.0 cm) farther away from your

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