Semantic And Syntactic Features Of The English Language Essay

1007 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
During the interview I noticed that Jessica showed signs of struggle with Semantic and syntactic features of the English language. I asked Jessica what languages were spoken in her home She replied, both Spanish and English. Then later she informed me that they only speak Spanish in the home. I realized she had some confusion with my question. When I asked Jessica what was the primary language spoken in her home? She replied, "Umm, primary, umm", so I rephrased the question. Me: Like what language do your parents speak more? Jessica: Oh Si, Spanish. We speak Spanish always. My mother speak no English but my father. Me: Your father speaks English. Here I believe Jessica is struggling with some semantic issues. She is apparently misunderstanding what I meant by "primary". Later she confirms that there is a misunderstanding the the meaning of my questions because she tells me that she never speaks English in her home. Later, I asked Jessica if she was familiar with sarcasm. She explained to me that she struggles when people are sarcastic. She always thinks they are being literal and that they mean what they say and never understands the joke. This is another part of semantics that she finds difficult to comprehend. To help Jessica with her understanding of multiple meanings I would recommend saying what you mean and not using idioms and sarcasm during instruction and class activities. Use simple words and speak directly. Try to keep is short and sweet. Using pictures,…

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