Selling Counterfeit Clothes Come Into Effect Essay

2091 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
This generation are so into fashion when we see a celebrities with a particular item on they tend to try in repeat the look. This is when Vender selling counterfeit clothes come into effect. You can get items at a discounted without paying high prices for the original. We live in a world where name brands might define who a person is, therefore they will do whatever it takes to look like their favorite celebrity. Recently I have seen a large platform on social media, where these counterfeit vender take the business of selling these fake items on sites like Instagram. Now and days one might can not tell what is a look alike because we are getting used to sitting behind our phone clicking the checkout button supporting these vender, growing their business worldwide. Why must it be important to purchase these? Why the designer not found this Instagram pages/ sites and shutting them down for copyright? When was it cool to where knock offs? We live in a world where people would do anything to look the best or to look like they was some type of money so they will cheat by purchasing replica. Counterfeits venders feed off these people to grow and become a company/ business. This make counterfeit businesses are profitable because they provide high cost items at low prices, and because they are easily accessible throughout social media
A recent study showed how consumer brands, including those selling luxury goods, are being targeted by fraudsters who use social media to lure…

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