Selfishness And Greed In Mcteague

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Register to read the introduction… Trina is showing her greed because the house isn’t good enough because the water is in the basement. “I’ve changed my mind about it, and there’s water in the basement besides,” (161). The water in the basement could be a unhealthy situation but Trina’s reaction to McTeague shows us her selfishness and greed. McTeague just trying to be a husband with a surprise for his wife wasn’t good enough for her to appreciate. Not only do we see Trina showing her greed at this time, we also see McTeague act in the same way. To McTeague, it’s not a big deal to pay the rent for the month. He says that they can afford to throw away $35.00. To him this is not a lot of money, he believes we can just pay the month and that’s the end of it, in McTeague’s mind. Trina’s reply to his thoughts for paying the $35.00 is, “Thirty-five just thrown out the window...Oh, you are the thick-wittedest man that I ever knew. Do you think we are millionaires? Oh, to think of losing thirty-five dollars like that...Well I won’t pay a nickel of it,” she exclaimed, …show more content…
For instance, Trina, who is seen in the first half of the book as very loving and caring of her mother. But her greed for money and power turns her into a selfish witch. “Trina put off sending this money for a couple of weeks, and her mother made no mention of it in her next letter...So then she again postponed the sending of it. Day by day she put it off. When her mother asked for it a second time, it seemed harder than ever for Trina to part even half he sum requested,” (197). As we can see here, Trina is having a hard time with giving her mother some money which is needed in order for her mother to pay for certain expenses. Her mother, the one that brought her into this world and gave Trina a decent life doesn’t see this greed that her daughter is facing. It’s very disappointing that Trina would put off and continue to put off sending money to her mother to whom raised her and gave her the assets to be a successful

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