Self Serving Bias Theory

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Self-Serving Bias Theory
The self-serving bias theory is a process where you place yourself on a higher pedestal than you deserve to be. You feel as though you are more favorable than what is accurate. When I was younger, in about fifth or sixth grade I believed I was an amazing singer. This was not because of anything that other people had told me, but instead because I heard myself and I truly thought I sounded amazing. I had a friend that was actually a good singer at the time, and she got recognized for it all the for her abilities. I always sang at home and in the shower and I soon realized I wanted other people to hear how talented I was because if my friend could be recognized for singing, so could I. I eventually had the brilliant
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The status-quo bias is extremely relevant when it comes to my car. My dad had my car for about ten years before he passed it down to me and when it came down to him getting a new car, he just upgraded to a newer Acura. Instead of trying something knew, he went with a brand he knew he liked and didn’t stray from that. Ever since I got that car I have always parked it in the driveway because my parents take up both of the spots in the garage. Everyday I park my car in the same spot- the left side at the bottom of the driveway. One day my dad asked me to pull up my car because he needed to park behind me so he could leave the house before I left for the day. I agreed and parked my car higher up in the driveway. I ended up not driving my car all day so the car was still in the same place when my dad got home. He ended up having to park behind me again. When I finally went outside to drive, I walked all the way to my dads car and got in before i noticed that my car was parked up the driveway and that it was my dad’s car that was parked in my spot. I was so used to my car being there that I just went on with my normal routine and didn’t even notice. Both my dad and I were experiencing status-quo bias because we acted in a safe and familiar way instead of changing things

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