Self-Reliance English Essay

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Megan Delgado

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "self-reliance" as reliance on one's own efforts, and abilities; Personal independence. Synonyms in the thesaurus include aptitude and ability to pertain independence. Yet self-reliance is so much more than it's definition or synonyms; It doesn't exactly mean what the word itself states "Reliance on oneself." It has a wide variety of interpretation and complexity than any definition provided for you whether it's from a reference or one's knowledge. These sublets and complexities determine what self-reliance truly is and what it really is not. Understanding the true meaning of self-reliance is necessary to all human beings especially the
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Another great example of Self-Reliance is a University student; they rely on themselves to allocate time to study, make sure they show up on time and are prepared for classes (punctuality), their nutrition, and house keeping. Self-Reliance leads to outcomes of a mature, confident, and resourceful human being. A Self-Reliant person exhumes leadership skills.

Although a good percentage of the population claim to be self-Reliant, they are handicapped to depend on the assistance of others out of pure laziness. Anyone determined enough can be self-Reliant, but not everyone chooses to be, because it is much easier to rely on others. Being Self-Reliant is a powerful source, and an important element in life, and not many people seem to realize that. Self-Reliance is not relying on other peoples opinions or demands in life. Self-Reliance is not waiting on your parents to determine when you'll take a shower, do your homework, or study for your exams. Unfortunately in life we'll come across those children who are living their life entirely dependent on their parents to make choices in life. For example, my twelve year brother is the "baby" of the family happens to be the complete opposite of self-reliant. For instance, he will wake up with the urge to play video games; Become absentminded towards his responsibilities, and will last an entire day

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