Emerson's Essay Self-Reliance Emerson

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Narrowed debatable Claim:
In the essay Self-Reliance Emerson has various claims which are all rational, his argument would be viable in today’s world because of a new world with the freedom that allows people to express themselves, throughout several parts of the world there is a numerous amount of people that have adapted to similar beliefs.
Body Paragraph:
Society has the right to freely express what they believe is moral or fallacious without the matter of others opinion affect them. According to Pew Research Center religion has a small impact on people’s lives, whether they have beliefs on it. The Pew Research Center states that “religion influences the daily lives” those who are religious seem to be slightly different from individuals
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Society has the right to live their life as they please nevertheless pursue his or her own values. The crowd’s lives belong to them, therefore they have the right to utilize it as they wish, as a result they will pursue their own values. There will be many who believe in others concepts, but many others will define their own opinions with personal experience and perspective of the object. The members of society have the ability to determine whether they are affected by others beliefs. For example, their are many opinions that circulate the world some can be for the greater good or it can negatively impact others depending on the person's perspective. The crowd can be impacted by those who are close to them or those who share a strong along with influential beliefs. The individual can have their opinions changed by what others have said nevertheless done in their lives, their status will have the power to influence others to change their thoughts on certain objects. They will see those that have had an impact on others and begin to follow them, those who chose to follow them will be considered as an average person. The crowd that decides to create their own ideas to strongly believe in it will be the ones who are considered as great individuals All who are surrounded by others have been impacted by them, but they can choose to look up to them or they

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