Outliers Definition Of Success

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What is the definition of true success? Everyone has his or her own definition of success. For me success is to have earned the appreciation of honest critics also to tolerate the betrayal of deceptive friends and most importantly being self-reliant. Some great writers have their own special thinking about prosperity. For example, Self-Reliance, by Ralph Waldo Emerson suggests each of us needs to be individual and put ourselves before others. However, in Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, he gives a different meaning of being prosperous. Everyone has their own definition of prosperity, but for me it’s staying fully gratified and financially successful. Emerson focuses on inner well-being for instance keeping yourself pleased, and to have your …show more content…
In Outlier’s is a phenomenal book that that alters people’s thoughts about success. Malcolm Gladwell points out his three main points in Outliers and those three things are autonomy, complexity, and the connection between effort and reward. Autonomy, deciding what you do every day during your occupation and complexity must be intellectually fascinating yet challenging as he states “ Engage both your mind and imagination”, lastly connection between effort and reward simply working hard will results in superior income or acknowledgment. He say’s the three qualities that work has to have to be satisfying “it’s not how much money we make that untimely makes us happy between nine and five, it whether our work fulfills us” (Glad well 55). I absolutely agree with him, because when it comes to being happy and well, money is rubbish. For instance, I would rather be poor, happy and healthy then to be wealth full burden and unhealthy. However, Gladwell gives the five factors in becoming successful, first is talent, relevance, timing, effort and lastly cultural legacy. By relevance he means remembering the importance of your roots and demographic luck like your history. For example, chapter 5 “The Three Lessons of Joe Flom”, he grow up in a Jewish family during the depression, he got into Harvard law school. Flom he joined a small group of men who just started their own firm. All of the Jews felt they didn’t fit in. But, …show more content…
I believe this statement is great since it connects well with Emerson and Gladwell, they both suggest if an individual put their time and best effort into something, for example in college I try to put my best effort and time in my classes mostly classes I struggle in and when I do put full effort and time I feel happy and knowing I did not give up. And when an individual do put all their effort and time they can actual shape the world to their desire, basically the saying “I have the world in palm of my hand”. They suggest to do what makes you the happiest, to believe in yourself, and to speak in what you morally believe in, as Emerson states “to be great to be misunderstood” (Emerson 14). Because, even the greatest intelligent men’s in our history were misunderstood like Jesus, Luther, Pythagoras and Socrates. He also suggest occasionally, individual have to work alone to do great wonders, for example, even creative geniuses such as Sir Isaac Newton and Dante Alighieri needed isolation to accomplish their inspiring work. However, Gladwell asserts “successful people don’t do it alone” (Gladwell 119). Another component to Gladwells in becoming prosper and successful is to have connection and the importantly the talent “it is not the brightest who succeed…nor is success simply the sum of the decision and efforts we make on our own behalf. It

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