Self Reflection Essay

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Self Assessment
Topic: How I became who I am today Who I am today is much stronger than who I used to be. Who I am today is more independent than who I used to be and I am so proud of myself and very happy. The person I am today is influenced on different values and the different experiences that I have encountered while growing up to be a good role model, an elder sister and a good friend. Growing up as a child in my family was tough being the fact that I am the only girl with three younger brothers that look up to me so the influence from childhood was really tough and one of the greatest impact in who I am today. My relationships with my parent as a childhood was pretty normal, I look up to my dad while I was growing up because
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So, my family values are to stay by one another no matter what wrong could happen, to never hurt each other, to be respectful of each other’s opinion in all manners that we can be respectful, to be supportive of one another, to be generous, and to also be proactive in family events. My socio-economic status is of an average person, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon so it’s a little difficult to explain because all my life till now my parents raised me to be someone who was raised with a silver spoon and that was struggling for me because I’m not the type to belong, nor care what people think of me but I got through with some friends who understood what I was all about, my parents always tried to keep up with the new inventions in the society so I don’t derail and I so much appreciate it because if they were not hardworking I wouldn’t be in Canada nor want to thrive to be a much better person. Influences from my adolescence where really tough because I was always away from my parents because of school so I grew up to be independent, get things done on my own and solve problems the best way I could figure them out. My relationship with friends is mutual and friendly, I take my friendships with other people very seriously and important because friends can be a lot of things just depends on how you handle your friendships, I take mine seriously and my friends also take me seriously and we are happy together, during difficult times I can call

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