Self Reflection : Understanding God 's Character Essay

796 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
In understanding God, who he is and what his role is in relationship to humanity, it offers an opportunity to increase our knowledge of God’s character, draw deeper into his presences and understand how our relationship with him is reciprocal and helps is developing a theology of waiting. Along with understanding God, it is important for humanity to understand itself in the development of a perspective of waiting that is applicable. In identifying inner movements during times of waiting, it may offer insight into aspects of self that may impede or encourage spiritual growth and maturity. Learning to wait well is one of those areas of the human experience that would aid in believers living transformed lives that are examples to the Christian community and are witnesses to the unbelieving world. The act of self-reflection was a valuable tool utilized throughout the bible by many of the Epistle authors of the New Testament. The desert saints embraced self-reflection as an aspect of their ascetic practices, which helped to identify sin, avoid temptation, and encourage a desire for holy living. This challenge of self-evaluation, an exercise to aid in the transformation process, if incorporated into the formational practices of modern day Christians it could prove beneficial during times of waiting. The purpose of developing any theological framework is not solely for a spiritual connection with God and personal sanctification, but it is to be a lived reality within the…

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