Self Reflection Paper On Leadership

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• Introduction.
The purpose of this self-reflection on leadership is to explore the positive qualities that shape the person and leader that I am and am able to become. A baseline for understanding where I am as a leader was created by requesting friends and family to analyze and report on the qualities that they see make me a leader, and then provide insight on how and why they see those qualities in me. This report is separated in a few different sections. The first part is a best self-portrait that explains how I see myself when I am at my best. Then second is the summary of the methods analyzed. This section contains the number of responses I was able to obtain, the number of people who didn’t respond, the kinds of responders and my relationship
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I believe the key to this is to pretend. I firmly believe pretending to be something, or someone is the first step in believing you are able to be that person. This psychological pretense comes from a natural confidence that I believe I have. In this stage of pretense, I am able to analyze my options, and key issues I have to deal with. This gives me insight on what exactly needs to be done and way to achieve that. Being a leader is no easy task, but most of the time I have become a leader in other people’s eyes is when there is no effort to make people follow …show more content…
The most important recommendation I have to myself is to force myself to go out and become a leader. I noticed that most of the comments that I analyzed from the respondents was from when I became a leader in a situation where there was no other option. True leaders seek opportunities to fill the job, and push your teams into a successful environment. From experience I have always filled that gap only when a leader was needed.
I recommend to always have an open book mentality. By this I mean to always be open for new lessons, new techniques and most importantly new ideas. A natural leader is someone who has experienced it all, and is able to apply all this knowledge to his/her peers.
Every day is a new opportunity to become a better leader, so I recommend to myself to always have a positive attitude towards the people that make you a better person. To always challenge a topic or issue for the sake of better understanding it. To always instigate the norms, to maybe innovate in areas where things have been the same for a long time. Leaders are all of this and more, and as I grow and learn I hope to promote this

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