Self Reflection On Creative And Creative Thinking

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Creative and Critical Thinking
Self-reflection Paper
POON CHIU LAM 12000625

For me, I am a creative and talkative person. I always have some weird ideas and like to make them as some jokes during chit chat with friends. I though that creativity could only be fun and entertainment in my part of life. When I first heard of the name of this course--Creative and Critical Thinking, I thought that the part of creative thinking was really my course. I used to think that creativity was the key of invention but from the beginning of this course, it showed that I was wrong. Creativity is also the path of discovery. The scientific examples for instance, universal gravitation,Newton's law of universal gravitation, could let me understand more about the concept of creative thinking.
Creativity is not only the field of arts and science. It is about our life and it is very useful. I was too shallow and look down creative thinking before. The lesson of creative thinking tools help me to organize creativity systematically. The six hat thinking streamlined my thought and fasten my reaction. Recently, I would like to set up an Instagram shop with my friend. And actually there are already thousands of Instagram
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In primary school I have been already using mind map to do my assignment up to now, but it was the first time to let me know Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind map and understand the purposes and concepts of it. Hopefully it can help me to enjoy more mind map assignments in the future. Cognitive Research Trust was really a brand new concept for me, and it encourage me to broaden my ideas. For instance, PMI, plus points, minus points and interesting points could help me to select important ideas and evaluate the best for it. AGO, aims, goals and objectives helped me to achieve goal effectively and efficiently. Sometimes creativity will get lost easily but Cognitive Research Trust taught me how to create

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