Self Reflection Of Self-Portrait Of My Management Style

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Self Portrait of My Management Style The three things managers should expect to control in their career are time, money, and people. To do this, a successful manager should use the following: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In my opinion, proper planning makes it easier to organize, lead, and control. As a college student, time management will be essential no matter what career path I take. Currently, I am balancing a personal life, two part-time jobs, and class requirements. I work at the Garland County Library in the children’s department where I assist patrons in their needs and assist with children’s programs. Also, I work at Tower’s Real Estate where I assist bookkeepers as needed. Successful managers will have both strengths …show more content…
One way to improve on my weaknesses is to not let my introverted personality get in the way of overcoming my fears. My communication skills can be improved by writing down what I plan on saying so I will feel more confident when speaking over the phone or make announcements over the intercom. In my opinion, learning something new has always been pleasant, even if it makes me nervous. Another weakness I need to improve on is creativity. A way to improve on my lack of creativity is to not be afraid of voicing my ideas and suggestions that can be beneficial in the business world. One way to approach my ideas is to say, “Is there any reason why we should not do this?”, which could create a positive response. Another positive response would be achieved by saying, “May I make a suggestion?” Christi Nations, Executive Director of HSU – Hot Springs Academic Initiatives, once told me to never be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions no matter what the outcome would be. At the end of the day, we would all still be friends. I have observed this at both of my part-time jobs when it comes to asking questions or making suggestions, which will benefit me as an accountant in the future. I am always learning something new every day at work; therefore, I need to apply the knowledge so I can improve as an employee. By adding knowledge and education, I will gain experience towards my career

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