What I Learned From The Classroom

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An experienced teacher is trained by numerous practical class teaching. Practicum II is also a part of the training for me to obtain expertise from real teachers and real classroom teaching. Compared with the Practicum I, I made progress in class design and class organization, which thanked for the guidance by my mentor. This paper presented what I learned from the classroom observation and interactions with students. I would also have a self-reflection about what I could be better and how I could improve myself in the future classroom teaching.

a) Learned from Mentor
By observing the classroom and communicating with my mentor, the thought about teaching was attained.
Talking about the planning and preparation, there was always a notebook for lesson plan on my mentor’s desk. Lesson plan is of importance for classroom management and
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Group work was a major way for students to complete tasks in class. My mentor encouraged students to think divergently. Even though convergent tasks prompt more significantly then divergent one (Nunan, 1991), divergent thinking improves students themselves by generating ideas to achieve possible solutions (Dornyei, 2001). Taking the role play of interview as an example, the tangible result was that in addition to apply the language points learn in class, students connected with knowledge they learned before and created a funny and practical interview show. The classroom interaction happened between the teacher and students as well. In the section of writing teaching, my mentor listed several points that students needed to take into consideration when they were writing. She asked students to express their idea first and provided her own idea later. In this way, students grasps the integrated ideas from both the teacher and their classmates, so that they could have enough reference to construct their

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