Self Progression Begins With Self Value Essay

1078 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
Self-progression begins with self-value; one entity without the other leads to a cyclic system of self-denial and deprecation. One will never have the ability to reach their maximum potential if they’re unable to see it as a possibility at all. Particularly in the United States, Black Americans, as an entire people, have struggled with obtaining and maintaining a racial identity equal to that of their ethno-American counterparts. This inevitably leads to an entire people who lack in holding a certain level of value for their own culture. The name itself to categorize this large group of people, African-American, has changed numerously and is virtually always associated with a negative connotation of poverty and violence. The systematic self-censure has led to generations of Black Americans who are ashamed of their eclectic ethnic background and beautiful physical appearance. The answer is clear, in the United States, African Americans go to the most extremes to alter their appearance. Chemical hair treatments, wigs, eye contacts and bleaching creams are bought primarily by African-American women and are just a fraction of demonstrating how extreme many will go in order to conform to a societal norm. Much to my pleasure, there’s been a recent trend within the Black community to do away with false hair and go natural – to maintain, or grow their natural hair. This newfound embracing of one’s natural attributes is in direct contrast to many previous generations of African…

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