Personal Leadership Qualities

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Being a leader is not about having a higher position or seniority in the hierarchy of an organization. Others believe and refer leadership in a company to the most experienced person. In my own opinion, for example; a chief executive officer will only be chief executive officer and not a leader if he/she not possess the qualities of a true leader. Moreover, leadership is not about reaching a certain increase of pay. Leadership does not talk about management and does not relate with personal characteristics. Instead, leadership is a process of influencing one’s team, in result maximizing the efforts of its members towards one common goal.

Teams consists of people that share a common desire to which they are all devoted. They are commissioned
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I strongly believe that self‐directed work teams or also called self‐managed teams can operate without the supervision of managers. They are responsible for finished work processes or segments that bring commodities or services to external or internal clients. Self‐directed work teams are to give workers a feeling of taking over on the entire job. With shared team responsibilities for work outcomes, team members often have broader job assignments and cross‐train to master other work. This cross‐training permits greater team flexibility. A successful self-directed team can boost an organization’s efficiency and productivity. When the workers acquire the right set of managerial and technical skills for the job, the company may gain results that would not be seen under a command-and-control approach. Self-directed teams have the ability and flexibility to create innovative solutions to work problems and rapid feedback to company challenges. Organization may even be able to trim their managerial ranks as the team displays increasing levels of self-reliance. More advantages of self-directed team are as follows: Firstly, members are empowered with full obligation and liability for their work in which they tend to have high levels of commitment and interest. Secondly, they take more ownership of their work than employees who must follow orders from managers who sit above them in the chain of command. Lastly, self-directed team members are also likely to have a soaring level of work fulfillment in result such as low absences at

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