Self Made Man Essay

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Register to read the introduction… According to the wordnik and free dictionaries, self - made man means a man who has risen from poverty or obscurity by means of his own talents or energies.
Wikipedia gives the following definition of this word combination a "self-made man" or "self-made woman" is a person who was born poor or otherwise disadvantaged, but who achieved great economic or moral success thanks to their own hard work and ingenuity rather than to any inherited fortune, family connections or other privilege.
In the cultural history of the United States, the idea of the self-made man, an "essential American figure", looms large. It has been described as an archetype, a cultural ideal, a myth or a cult.
This word combination in a context is represented as a part of fiction. A man who could never sufficiently vaunt himself a self-made man. Hard Times by Dickens, Charles.
Sir David Archer, the Foreign Secretary, was the only one of them who was a self-made man, and the only one of them who looked like an aristocrat. The Man Who Knew Too Much by Chesterton, Gilbert
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It was comparatively later, than a previous one, in 1991.
"His father, James, a self made man of the classic stripe, had acquired so much money as a dry." (AmHeritage)
"The figure of the self made man - the main hero of the stories - became a source of inspiration for many Americans." (AmerStudies)
Analysing data about self made man, we can see that this word combination is not just a part of vocabulary, but also a cult of Americans. It reveals their peculiarities of character.
Firstly, it appeared in 1877, as a part of fiction novel; then, a magazine published the idea of successful men, who were poor, but due to hard work, they took over everything and achieved prosperity. A cultural idea became one of stereotypes about Americans. However, the earliest references described an independent man, not a woman. After that, when women started playing more considerable role in society, there were cases of women's success.

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