Essay Self Made Fun And Playing Outdoors Filled The Summer Days

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Self-made fun and playing outdoors filled the summer days. I loathed playing indoors awaiting the northeastern rainstorms to clear, so my brother and I started a war. A jumbo bag full of little green army men molded in various poses fit the occasion well. My brother and I set them atop of a three speed box fan. The vibration moved the little green soldiers while we simulated sounds of weapons. We played for hours. My mother’s bed sheets were great for making tents that were dubbed HQ. Primitive fun compared to today’s electronic world. We talked often of owning an electronic gaming console. Classic games like Frogger, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Space Invaders and such like were time spenders and school suspenders. The later reminded kids why they shouldn’t have stayed awake at night under the bed covers playing until there hands were sore. Kids were certain to arrive at school the next day tired, unproductive and prone to trouble. These games were great for entertainment but could not replace imagination and time to spare. After the rains had come and gone, outdoors became a source of contentment that lasted for hours. Like swords, sticks were used to fend off imaginary bad guys. The nearest tree climb was the greatest adventure surpassing the theme park. Not to mention, the mud cakes, bugs and wild berries that emerged during the afternoon sun. The outdoors offered loads of fun. The kids in the neighborhood enjoyed playing outdoors with the same vigor as I…

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