Self Leadership And The One Minute Manager Essay

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The reading for this week, Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager, was quite interesting. The book contained some great insights and concepts of self-leadership. Three concepts from the book Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager are challenging assumed constraints, celebrating your points of points of power and collaborating for success. These three concepts are discussed in detail in the next section.
The “challenging assumed constraints” is a concept many individuals encounter in their organizations (Blanchard, Fowler, and Hawkins, 2005). This simply means that individuals should let go of previous experiences, mostly bad experiences, when heading into a new challenge or project at work. These past experiences limit one’s abilities in current or future project or jobs. As Blanchard et al. write,
“When they begin to train an elephant for the circus, they chain the baby elephant’s leg to a pole in the ground. The baby elephant wants to get away. He pulls and tugs, but he can’t escape… As he grows up, he just assumes he can’t get away” (Blanchard, et al., 2005).
Getting rid of these assumed constraints will only enhance the abilities of the leader during the project or job task.
The second concept offered in the book is “celebrating your points of power” (Blanchard et al., 2005). Most people do not see themselves as leaders; however, most individuals are experts at something, this type of power is known as knowledge power. There are four other points of…

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