In Defense Of Selfishness Analysis

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In Defense Of Self Interest And Selfishness
When individuals see the term selfishness, they may frown upon seeing such a remark. Some individuals may claim that selfishness is associated with evil behavior. The viewpoint of someone who is selfish is a person who victimizes anyone. People who work to benefit themselves may further be classified as a felon or a sociopath. This explanation is invalid because those who serve in their own self-interest may not be evil people. You can care about yourself without exploiting others and have your own ideas.This is shown in the works of economist's, students, and through our everyday lives.
English economist Adam Smith established that man is not fully benevolent. Man's aspirations are full of self-interest.
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Someone who is selfish is self-productive and values their own happiness. Selfish people are independent and follow their own moral code. Those who are all altruistic would disagree with the idea of selfishness. People who are altruistic believe benevolence and harmonious behavior lead to positive results. People who altruistic sacrifice their needs for others over their own moral principles. Altruism is bad when people willing do whatever people ask. If people serve others without protest then they risk becoming slaves. Some people find satisfaction in conning those who are benevolent. Furthermore, some people can't be helped because they are too ignorant. One form of altruism is showing people a better way of living. This is time-consuming and sometimes the results lead to tragedy and dissatisfaction. Altruism is a self-destructive concept. People have been burned at the stake and forced into repentance during the Salem witch trials because of altruism. Some people were falsely claimed as witches and innocent people's lives were taken. In the movie Monty Python, a fictional witch trial takes place. A character is wrongfully murdered in a scene. In order for a person to be classified as a which you must weigh the same as a duck. This also meant that your body was made of wood. The scales used to measure the girl were rigged. She, in fact, weights more than duck but was killed to justify the king's authority. None of the people in the scene protested this action and an innocent life is taken. If the bystander's acted more in their own self-interest they would try to stop the execution. They would act against the king and protests against the travesty that was to take place. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is the individual's interests. Selfish people may act against the greater public in order to follow their own moral code. Selfish people will be respected when they act

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