Essay about Self Identity And Self Esteem

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In a world where you can be anything you want to be, why be something you are not? But what is “identity”? The textbook definition is “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is”, but no one really knows the true meaning. Self-identity plays a large and significant role in shaping each of our lives. The artificial concept of identity exists because people want to be socially accepted, which is why they follow societal norms. Although some people can be universally true to their identity regardless of the circumstances or individuals present, I strongly believe that identity is artificial because your attitude and the way you project yourself around others can change depending on the environment, the people you socialize with, the experiences you hold from your household, and your self-esteem.
Identity and self-esteem are closely related. The source of self-esteem is all about feeling good about yourself because of things “outside” rather than “inside”. Self-esteem is how you value yourself and your sense of self-worth. Good self-esteem is important for mental health because as a child you being to develop your identity. When you cry, you learn that your feelings are valuable if you’re caregiver responds. On the other hand, if the caregiver does not respond, you feel that your feelings and needs are not important. But the development of self-esteem does not stop there. As we get older, we receive messages from peers, social media, teachers, and other people we meet…

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