Self Help Group Analysis

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Role Of Self Help Groups Through Micro-Finance For Poverty Alleviation.
Dr. Ashok H. Shrirame, Associate Professor, Dnyanopasak Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Parbhani.
Rehman Siddiqui, Research Scholar, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.


A majority of microfinance program target underprivileged people with the goal of making them productive and self reliance. A large population of India lives without basis needs, are unproductive, poor, unbanked and uneducated. The prime focus of Self Help Group is to make such people productive and alleviate their economic status. Fortunately, micro-finance practice in India like some other countries has much to offer to such underprivileged population, including poverty alleviation,
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The most important component of SHG is the mobilization and organization of women towards the basic strength of solidarity, informality and collective action. Self Help Group methodology is a novel approach in development of economics. These groups can create a unique, alternative, need-based credit delivery mechanism by pooling their insufficient resources for catering to their consumption and occupational requirement.
Characteristics of a good Self Help Group
Fully functioning SHG have following structural features:
 Comprises 15-20 members
 All the members should belong to the same socio-economic strata of society specifically poor.
 Group should have strong bond of affinity.
 Rotational leadership should be encouraged for distribution of power and to provide
 leadership opportunities to all the members.
 Members should attend meetings, save and participate in all activities voluntarily.
 To provide gainful employment and to involve the poor in productive activities.
 An SHG should be socially viable institution.
 The procedure of decision-making in SHG should be democratic in

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