Self Harm By Ben Staples Essay

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. Harrison also explained there are some woman who are not fully aware of their actions. Self-harm to these women were their only way to survive.
‘Self-harm is not just attention seeking; it’s time to talk about the issue’ an article written by Ben Staples describes the personal stories behind this addiction. Lucy for instance, is just one of the few that have suffered from this addiction Ben Staples speaks of. Staples reports at a young age, Lucy was 13 when she found herself having certain thoughts. They occurred on one particular evening when Lucy found herself alone in her family’s Lincolnshire home. “Shall I do it?” Lucy asked herself. “Will it stop the pain?’ Lucy was hurting and did not know how to explain what she was feeling. Few years later she was brutally attacked and raped (which she now describes as “the incident”). After the rape happened Lucy began to show signs of self-harm. She began locking herself up in her room, telling others she wasn’t feeling well by hiding all of the pain. Since she had no knowledge of how to deal with the emotional pain of her trauma, she averted to physical pain; self-harm. Lucy best describes the feeling of her addiction by stating “When you keep all your problems in, it feels like you’re screaming inside,” “But when you cut or burn yourself, the pain is more physical. You feel like you’re releasing that scream. After a few months, self-harming became part of my daily routine” (Staples 2015). Just like all addictions, you become…

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