Self Evaluation Of Professional Growth Essay

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Self-Evaluation of Professional Growth

Standard s#1-3 The Learner and Learning Learner Development, Learning Differences, and Learning Environments- Over the course of this year I have learned much about learner development and how my personal orientation of the classroom and management affect it directly. Through working on my personal philosophy I learned things that I would never have considered, like that humorous important in the classroom, but sarcasm can be detrimental to a child. I also learned fundamental facts about teaching options and organization. Technology is a great resource, one that I am just beginning to appreciate in the classroom. Presenting material in new and exciting ways to students is a far more responsible approach from constant lectures and note taking. When students can be engaged in their work and interested in the way that it is shown, their attitude toward learning takes a pleasant curve. The best learning is involved, cooperative, and motivated. I also learned through this class and another I am enrolled in, that getting to know the background and personality of the student is time that is never wasted. We all understand that children are so unique in how they approach, interpret, or are inspired by various forms of learning. I have worked with my student, Tang Z, a Chinese foreign exchange student, for most of my recent experience in schools. If I had never taken the time to get to know him, I would never have understood his perception…

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