Self Evaluation : My Overall Health Has Been On The Decline For The Last 7 Years

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Self Evaluation 1 page My overall health has been on the decline for the last 7 years. At this time, I was diagnosed with a muscle and skin autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis. This diagnosis was complicated by the fact I was pregnant with our 6th child. Once the baby was delivered, and medication was continued, the disease was considered in remission. Fatigue and pain have been two symptoms that have plagued my health physically as well as mentally. Chronic pain suffering impacts one’s mental health, suffering led to depression. In addition to the one autoimmune disease, I was diagnosed with a second in August 2015. This disease can either lead to transplant, death, or be maintained through the one medication that is on the market. Chronic pain in my arms is caused by bulging disks in my neck. This pain is lessened through medication but not alleviated completely. I have had steady weight gain over the last five years, due to poor diet, lack of exercise, hormone fluctuations, and medication side effects. Two issues that I will aim to improve this semester through working this personal health plan is weight loss through improved diet and exercise habits. Diet and exercise can help to lower a person’s BMI. Lowering my BMI will help my liver health, heart health and autoimmune diseases that plague my health.
My Life Check Assessment
I chose to take the health assessment through My Life Check Assessment quiz. My life check score is 5.7/10. The results of this…

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