Self Esteem Is Worth All The Effort Essay

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Children in poverty face many daily hardships including judgement from their peers, health problems, low self-esteem, and hunger. Having a below average income seems to hold a direct correlation between all of them. In order to help with these effects, people need to understand clearly all the social, physical, and academic related issues involved in poverty. Children, especially in the stages where they first become exposed to the media, are living in, arguably, the most difficult time to be a child. Everywhere in sight, there is some form of media, advertisement, or simple peer pressure informing today’s children how the modern individual needs to look. To the average child, being ‘in’ with the cool crowd is priority number one. This goes directly into the child’s psyche, thus stunting in the child’s social development, all due to not being as well of as the world the other children live in. This is why looking into self esteem is worth all the effort. In a perfect world one should care just as much about a child’s emotional state as the level of education they achieve, and their merit (Mosely 3). However this is not a perfect world and children are facing another element of life that shows to be quite the obstacle to all, Judgement. In schools and online interactions, children are facing tides of jeers and banter that attack them on every level of their mental being. But as is shown in Mosley 's further study she showed that another factor at play of self esteem levels…

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