Self Esteem Necessary

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Is Self-Esteem Necessary for the Success and Health?
Self-esteem has been known for multiple generations, and the question still wanders around. Does self-esteem even matter to the success and health of an individual? Since self-esteem has been classified as a unique characteristic of a person, researchers were trying to scrutinize the connection of self-esteem to success, psychological health, and achievement. Copious amount of people have been affected by low self-esteem and it leads to their health, success, and achievement. Self-esteem is not necessary for the success of a person because it has no impact on them. However, self-esteem is possible to play in the well-being of an individual since it can affect their psychological health.
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The idea that self-esteem is not important is explored by Amy Chua. In the excerpt, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” Amy Chua, an author, and professor at Yale Law School claims Chinese parenting creates a “virtuous circle” in which the child will improve if they accomplish it (2). What Chau really means is that nothing is fun until the individual gets good at it, and the hard work will be the important part. Since the child will not want to start working, there will be resistance in which the parents will have to force them into working. In spite of the challenges, the results will prove to be positive. Once practice happens, then children will improve and gain admiration, praise, and satisfaction. This leads to the increase in the child’s confidence to continue working, which makes it more fun. Once completing the circle and starting again, it is now a pattern in which the child will follow to excel more at what they are doing. This pattern shows the child will work to get praise and when they get praise, they work more and achieve greater. Chua’s viewpoint shows that success begins with practice, not praise. The child may have a very high self-esteem, but it does not mean they have great abilities. Practice and working hard will ensure great abilities, and then praise will start to come …show more content…
This states that students will perform worse if they receive praise. This makes sense because making individuals feel good about themselves, regardless of their effort, will take away from the strive to work hard and achieving that praise from their parent. It is like saying regardless of how much the student will do on a test, they will get an A. Therefore, there would most likely be a lack of effort by the student since he or she does not have to work to achieve the reward. This explains why individuals who work hard to receive admiration will continue succeeding, while those who receive praise and a boost in confidence will only do worse. Kremer is concerned that when children receive praise before they try, they will perform worse. However, Chua clarifies that hard work should come first, and then praise should come after the child improves to boost their motivation and confidence in continuing to

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