Essay about Self Esteem And Self Perceptions

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Self-Esteem and Self-Perceptions
Self-esteem is a hot topic in psychology and has generated lots of research. It is considered a strong predictor of well-being and quality of life. High self-esteem is often advised because studies comply many positive qualities as a result of having high self-esteem. While low self-esteem is rather closely related to mental illness.
The physical self is a crucial element in the development of self-esteem. A culture that places value on certain physical features and characteristics, self-esteem is attached to physical appearance and encourages people to live up to these standard to acquire the self-esteem they desire. Thus, self esteem is influenced by perception of physical self-worth and physical acceptance. When physical activity and exercise are included in one’s lifestyle it can promote self-esteem in several ways. (1) An enhanced body image, or body satisfaction through exercise. (2) Exercise and other aspects of fitness intensifies perceived physical competence through improved abilities and prowess. (3) Exercise can increase the sense of autonomy and personal control over one’s body, its appearance, and functioning while lead to higher self-esteem (Fox, 2000).
One study by Tiggemann & Williamson (2000), investigated the relationship between the exercise as a type of physical activity and psychological well-being. This study found an overall positive relationship between exercise and mental well-being. However, looking more…

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