Essay on Self Esteem And Self Actualization

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Self-Esteem and Self-Actualization The perpetual motion continues, and another need emerges. People will find themselves on the self-esteem level, as they near the top of the pyramid, and all the other needs have been satisfied. According to Maslow (1943), “All people in our society (with a few pathological exceptions) have a need or desire for a stable, firmly based, (usually) high evaluation of themselves, for self-respect, or self-esteem, and for the esteem of others.” (p.381). Furthermore, Maslow breaks down self-esteem into two subcategories, desire for strength and reputation. The human desire for strength, achievement, and independence, and confidence is irrefutable. Likewise, the desire to have a prestigious reputation and to be appreciated for one’s actions is equally as important. Both subcategory is ego driven and based on the needs of the individual; however, the people they are surrounded by fuel this. Maslow (1943) discusses that the satisfaction of this requirement equates to self-worth, confidence, and the capability of one to feel useful and necessary within society. Doctors Chretien and Kind (2014) discuss the crucial social media needs and identify the fact that their career field must adapt to the growing social media trends. However, there is a fine line for the professionals to decide how to use such outlets. The need to be recognized and self-gratification of these needs question professional boundaries (cite 2). Likewise, the image of a leader…

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