Self Driving Ethics

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Self Driven to Death
The purpose of this paper is to provide an ethical analysis of a current event that should be considered an ethically problematic. In order to attain this goal, I will proceed in three of the following steps. First, I will describe the situation, and clarify why I consider this event as an ethical issue. Second, I will be reviewing the variety of positions that stand in response to the issue. Lastly, I will provide a response that I expect would exceed at resolving the issue.
In the article “Will Self-Driving Cars Improve Safety?", Jan Buchczik states that the manufacturers are trying to sell the cars quickly to make a profit out of people. Also, it is not 100% guarantee safe for people driving their vehicles. To explain,
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Self-driving cars are predicted to decrease traffic accidents and deaths. As seen from a utilitarian point of view, self-driving cars are useful because people do not have to worry about hitting the road or getting into a car crash, while using their cell phones or getting distracted. Self-driving cars are non-maleficence because it does not really harm everyone. The self-driving cars can even improve by programming its software. According to Kristin Toussaint article, “How a Philosophy Professor is Tackling the Ethical Questions of Self-Driving Cars”, he stated that self-driving cars are more responsive than human drivers because most car accidents happen with drunk drivers. Toussaint claimed a situation where a big object that appears to be falling behind from a truck in front of a human driver. In this scenario, the driver might hesitate, and not able to react right away. But on the other hand, the self-driven cars are programmed to respond to these types of a situation immediately without the driver to panic. The software is specifically built to prevent any sorts of harm to anybody, yet for utilitarians this it is incredibly a life-changing technology to …show more content…
People have to use their voice to inform the companies that these devices they are building is not reliable for protection. They can not compare human mind with the machine that is built, and programmed by humans or engineers, who assumes they could change the world with their new advanced technology. If today manufacturers gets away with their non-dependable vehicles, then there would be lots of regrets to those who bought their incapable vehicles. If this situation is not put to a stop these companies will build more machines that will result to harming us, and for those drivers operating the vehicle manually will lose their jobs. Such a truck, bus, and uber driver. This is an evidence for people that they cannot put their 100% trust on a software vehicle because it is a computer that is programmed, and it cannot function or react like a human driver does to avoid the danger. The self-drive vehicles perform only good on what it is programmed to

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