Self Driven Car Essay

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Google has looked to scientists and information technicians to brainstorm ideas to formulate health and lifestyle doodads. The health products are comprised of a Google pill and a Google spoon to help destroy and make life more comfortable for its customers. The life style products consist of a self-driving automobile, Google deodorant, and Google brain. The self-driven car can benefit the social atmosphere of a person through a safe, enjoyable, hands free experience. Google deodorant gives males an alternative to fulfilling their co-existence with a woman. Google brain in its infancy shows promise in recognition of images in categories to make a search engine more efficient.
Self-Driving Automobile Google’s automatic car utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to safely take people around the city. GPS incorporates and uses triangulation (use of 3 satellites) to pick-up, drive, and drop off a customer with safety as the utmost consideration. There is a heads up display that is a mastery of colors showing the oncoming traffic and geographic manmade features the car and person will encounter. There is a button that will put the car in the self-driven mode or to take it off to let the customer drive. A female voice signifies using the Google Chauffer software when either mode is on or off. The car’s computer takes
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A person is often distracted by another person or an object. The computer has the one goal of getting the person to his ultimate destination. Police officers will have more time to devote themselves to other issues rather than traffic accidents, drunk driving, or speeding. Heavy rain could cause damage to the roof mounted laser range finder. The car does not know how to make adjustments if a police officer is replaces a traffic signal. People fear that the car will require them to input personal information which could be hacked by thieves. (Auto Insurance Center,

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