Self Disclosure And Its Impact On Social Penetration Theory Essay

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Self-disclosure is about how much information is stated, such as feelings and thoughts. By sharing personal aspects or private information (Wheeless, 1978). Disclosure is an attempt at building rapport and to better learn about yourself. It helps your perspective to the receiver, to become visible or noticed. Self disclosure can either benefit or hurt your verbalizations. By involving others, it can make you weak through criticism or rejection. By testing assumption or disclosing information, you can distinguish if the receiver is receptive to be reciprocated.

In 1973 two social psychologists, Irwin Altmar and Dalmas Taylor; developed the self disclosure theory to relate to social penetration theory. It entails correlation to peeling an onion. Start by discussing, non threatening conversation in the surface of peripheral outer layers. By complimenting appearance and asking questions to understanding details, which is the middle of the onion. Some disclosures predict expenses and rewards from the conversation. Gradually and systematically continues personal topics (Svennivig, 2000). When the self discloser opens up, they express values and fears to close relational partners. Be careful to disclose in amount, depth, duration, target and situation (Brockbank & McGill, 2006). By opening up on a private level or open to all, can be personal or easy updated. Disclosure personalism, is where you provide information exclusively (Bazarova, 2012). Honesty is the best policy, but…

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