Essay on Self Directed Learning

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Self-directed learning refers to being able to control or regulate one’s own learning. Knowles (1975) refers to self-directed learning (SDL) as “a process by which learners manage their own learning process from beginning to end.” Self-directed learning is also referred to as self-regulated learning (SRL). Undergraduates usually start university with the experience of being coddled when it comes to learning and completing assignments, however degree-level study is a completely different matter. This essay explores why SDL is important for undergraduates and also discusses the drawbacks of it.

Various studies have shown self-directed learning to be highly beneficial. Garrison (1997) states in his article that there are various beneficial aspects of self-directed learning. Anticipated control is one of these many aspects. Anticipated control is a strong foundation which helps to influence where intentional efforts are invested when it comes to self-directed learning. This idea is supported by Weisz (1983, p.234). The expectation of control makes it easier then, for students to have confidence and oversight in terms of their educational aims. This encourages confidence as students have perceived power over their academic achievements
Additionally, as a result of the high value placed on formal education in most societies, many employers and citizens in general place a high value on one’s ability to learn independently or outside the formal system. Hiemstra (1994, p.14-15)…

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