Self Directed Learning Is The Ability For Students Essay

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Self-directed learning is the ability for students to not only determine what they are going to learn but also how they are going to learn it. A self-directed learner chooses the “destination” to which he is heading, be that a degree, a diploma or any particular skill. He then also chooses how he wishes to obtain that skill, whether it is by videos, hands-on training or a classroom environment – whatever is appropriate to the skills being taught and to the learner learning the skills1. Intrinsic motivation is being motivated by internal rewards – the joy of learning a and practicing a new skill.2 “Active learning is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content” 3
So a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner is one who chooses his own methods to achieve his own learning outcomes, who is motivated by the joy of learning and not by any external rewards and punishments and who is actively engaged in the learning process through discussion, problem analysis and evaluation of content.
My personal areas of strength in being a self-motivated and engaged student are as follows:
Firstly that I am very competitive in an academic environment which means that I gain personal satisfaction from producing a good design or writing good software that works well.
Secondly I have rather high concentration levels, so long as the subject is interesting…

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