Self Determination Theory And Actualization Of Human Potential

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In the article; Self-Determination Theory and Actualization of Human Potential, we learn about the concepts and processes that determine how humans develop. The first concept/theory that we encounter is the humanistic potential (109). The humanistic potential states that when provided with the correct or positive reinforcements and behavior, humans can reach the “ultimate goal” in life and engage in a positive manner. In reaching this ultimate goal we include social interaction. Social interactions will assist with encouraging positive reinforcements to the human’s upbringing. There are other concepts and theories that will enhance and provide more in depth information on how humans reach their “ultimate goal” in life. These other theories and concepts branch out and extend our knowledge on development in humans. Integration is another important process that we have to undergo. One must gain knowledge of contentment or achievement of their psychological needs (126). By gaining this information one will become more independent, motivated and able to mingle. Completing this task in a positive manner will also assist with reaching the “ultimate goal” in life. In this article we also learn about motivation. There are three autonomously motivated behaviors (111). The three motivators are intrinsic, extrinsic, and emotional. Intrinsic motivation is when we can participate in an event or activity because it makes us happy or it is an interesting activity/event. Extrinsic…

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