Self Determination Theory And Actualization Of Human Potential

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The purpose of this prose is to summarize the focal points of the article “Self-Determination Theory and Actualization of Human Potential” (Deci, Ryan, Guay 2013), while providing my own insights regarding self-actualization, specifically how I’ve found an instance of humanistic motivation and how it swayed my behavior within a real world scenario. Also, I will address the most compelling points found within a similar article entitled “The Untold Secret of Self Actualization” (Hall 2012), and will contrast the similarities and differences expressed by the two publications. In doing so, I plan to further shine light on a concept originally emphasized by Maslow and Rogers (Deci, Ryan, Guay 2013) by offering my perspective and analysis of the material provided by two separate sources.

“Self-Determination Theory and Actualization of Human Potential” (Deci, Ryan, Guay 2013) begins by highlighting the SDT, particularly the view on self-regulation, and the drive to express full human potential. The article stressed the value of the fulfillment of one’s basic needs, in order for someone to experience the fruition of human growth (Deci, Ryan, Guay 2013). A central component of this stance is the concept of self, which is molded over time by our natural inclination toward the integrative process. The article elaborated upon the three types of autonomously regulated forms of motivation, and highlighted the importance of the presence of intrinsic motivation to spur psychological…

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