Self Determination Of Nations Essay

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What is the relationship between the self-determination of peoples and the sovereignty of states in contemporary international politics? 1 This report elucidates the link between sovereignty of states & self-determination of peoples therefore the focal point of this essay is to elaborate on the underlying concept of sovereignty as it incorporates the protection and the practice of various human rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The main goal of this piece of research article is to demonstrate how the state(s) and the people too posses sovereignty in regards to the International Law, it further examines in what context does the quest for peoples and state sovereignty accrue, get international recognition, respect or either intervention and rejection. In the first part of the essay I shall give a concise definition of self-determination of the mass/people in addition to the sovereignty of states, it’s history, where it has been applicable and also the underlying paradigms and the relationship between the two. …show more content…
However certain groups of people may demand the right to self-determination and a degree of autonomy within a given state due to political, cultural or religious beliefs. This further leads to conflict, coup d’etat, segregation etc before granting or denying these demands of self-determination/secession.
Self-determination can be defined as the legal right of individuals to choose their own destiny in the international order and is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law. It’s also enshrined in a number of international treaties and has been depicted as a general principle of international law whereas sovereignty of states may refer to any nation or people who administer their own government without being dependent on foreign

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