Essay about Self Determination At The End Of Life

753 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
This research is about self-determination at the end of life. However, many people do not know they have the options and suffer needlessly. Healthcare and medical discoveries are continually improving, there have been significant strides in the field of surgery, pharmaceuticals and communication over the years to alleviate pain and suffering. Therefore, my initial research plan is to answer the question, “What resources are available in my state to ensure a peaceful death?” A primary source of information will be through Compassion and Choices ( a national organization dedicated to advocating for expanding options at the end of life. I will also use additional health care publications and medical journals. Unfortunately, we are unable to choose immortality; death is something we cannot escape. In conducting this research project, I will narrow my focus on end of life options for people diagnosed with terminal conditions. Furthermore, my research paper will attempt to have readers evaluate their feelings on medically assisted death.
The United States has six states that allow the legislature for the assistance of medical aid in dying. This is called “Death with Dignity Act.” In addition, in my plan is to answer my second question, “How close is Connecticut to have the aid-in-dying laws?”. Also, I will investigate where the Connecticut legislation stands in the process of approving a patient controlled death within the state.

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