Self Defense, Home Protection Act Essay

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Self-defense is the legal act of violence with the intention of protecting one’s self from harm. The U.S considers both home-defense and self-defense a legal right. The U.S has Federal law on self-defense and each state has its own more specific laws on self-defense. There are those who would object to allowing the lethal use of force to defend one’s home. On the other hand, there are those who would shoot someone for just innocently crossing their property. There seems to be no clear line between is permitted and not permitted because there are so many variables in a self-defense case. This begs for the intervention of the government to establish clear ethical and legal boundaries.
It would help to clarify what exactly the government accepts as necessary use of self-defense or home-defense. This can vary from state to state. Mitchell Chamlin writes in “An Assessment of The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Arizona’s Self-Defense, Home Protection Act”, “The SDHPA delineates 10 distinct forms of violent behavior for which a person is justified in using deadly force to stop the successful execution of the offense. “ However, these ten violent behaviors can be formed under four categories: Murder, Rape, robbery, and assault.
It is so important for the Government to establish clear boundaries for both self defense and the supposed crimes they are reacting to. The legal definition of Justifiable homicide is, “A killing without evil or criminal intent, for which there can…

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