Social Control Theory Essay

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Control theories dictate that individuals conform to what society motivates. Social controls predict whether deviance occurs or not (Reiss, 1951). Control theory focuses on why society conform to deviant behavior, rather than most theories focusing on individuals deviating from social norms. Control theory has been compared to many other theories of criminal behavior. Hirschi and Gottfredson (1990) referred to theories as positivistic. Positivistic theories motivate people to commit crimes. In the absence of motivation positivistic theories have assumptions that people will conform to crime. Control theories assume crime will happened unless influenced by social control.
Early Control Theories/ Reckless Containment Theory
Social control involves
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Children who experience a lack of parental guidance tend to misbehave. Child influences can develop positive or negative mindsets. Parents play a factor in whether a child conforms to deviant activity. Children who engaged in deviant behavior tend to have a lack of support and parental guidance. Parent involvement, discipline techniques, and consistency can be difficult for parents whose child engage in delinquent behavior (Patterson 1982). Moffitt (1993, 2006) explains how deviance changes through age. Early onset of negative influences in a child’s life can be a determinate for following in the path of …show more content…
Theory based interventions are the most effective according to Kazdin (2001). Parenting dimensions and supportive dimensions are two perspectives that focuses on parent behaviors. Parenting dimensions are referred to as multidimensional. The multidimensional concept defined parenting through support and control. This concept has been separated into authoritative and behavioral control. Authoritative control holds the child accountable for their actions. Behavioral control set rules to regulate a child’s behavior. Authoritative style of parenting has greater effects on a child’s interactions (Maccoby and Martin

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