Self-Cleaning Filter System Cuts Maintenance Costs Essay

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Self-Cleaning Filter System Cuts Maintenance Costs Monday, October 08, 2001A routine oil and filter change in the tight quarters of the engine room onboard a boat is normally a messy and awkward job. Buckets of used lube oil and filter cartridges must be lugged up the narrow galley stairs for disposal and new oil and filters must be carried down the stairs, all in the short time while the boat is in dock for maintenance. Boston Harbor Cruises found that Alfa Laval's Eliminator, an automatic

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In contrast, service on the Eliminator and the Centinel engine is required at 1,000-hour intervals and takes only two to three hours per engine for separator maintenance and oil top-off.

Oil drainage intervals have been extended from 250 to 4,000 hours and, in some cases, indefinitely with good oil analysis results. "So far the oil is still golden brown instead of black; we've seen no soot at all in the oil and iron deposits were less than 13 ppm.

Cummin's Centinel system blends used oil with the fuel to be combusted in the power cylinders, which allows the oil to be converted to useful energy in the diesel engines.

Anything less than 100 ppm is not bad. We have not noticed any oil consumption either," says Tarrant. "As a bonus, we expect to see 18,000 to 20,000 hours of service before the engines need a major overhaul. The normal interval between overhauls for engines not equipped with the Eliminator has been 9,000 to 12,000 hours of service."

"There are other intangible benefits with the Eliminator filter system," says Tarrant. "Changing oil is not a fun job; you can put a price on downtime but not on aggravation and headaches. With the Eliminator, we avoid the environmental issues involved with disposing of oil and filters and safety issues with employees handling and carrying wastes up the galley stairs. Each engine needs 35 gallons of oil and that means 35
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