Self Care Strategies Essay

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Self-Care Strategies
BSHS 465
Self-Care Strategies
Self-Care Strategies Paper
When many think about self-care, the first thing that comes to mind is to pamper one’s self such as a facial, manicure, pedicure, and or a massage. To pamper one’s self is definitely a way an individual can choose to take care of one’s self. According to the free dictionary self-care is (2015), “The care of oneself without medical, professional, or other assistance or oversight.” Many individuals working in the field of human services are caught up in work and sometimes forget to use self-care strategies. “Sometimes the last person social workers nurture is themselves” (Jackson, 2014, para.1). With professionals in the human services field forgetting to
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The professional can always be there for them and make them be aware of their personal self-care. Make them realize that everyone in life might feel tired or overwhelm, but there are many ways that one can try to help oneself feel better and enjoy daily activities. Team B has concluded, that it would be a very good idea that the clients always take some time for self-care. It can be anything that makes

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