Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Case Study

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Grand theory is a category of nursing theory that is broad in scope and addresses abstract concepts. One such theory is the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory (SCDNT), developed by Dorthea Orem. The philosophy of the SCDNT is that people want to take care of themselves and that recovery occurs more quickly when they are allowed to care for themselves within their ability (Current Nursing, 2012). I chose this theory because I feel that it is important to help patients learn to take care of themselves and manage their disease processes in order to have a good quality of life.
Dorthea Orem gained her experience through private duty and hospital nursing as well as her role as an educator. She was part of a group that helped develop curriculum for
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I am often encouraging my patients to perform many activities of daily living independently. A bed bath by nursing is not an option when you can sit up in the chair and feed yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to explain the importance of maintaining independence in relation to their care and discharge plan for patient buy-in. When a self-care deficit is identified, I work with case management, providers, patients and their families to determine the best discharge plan that will maintain their current abilities with the end goal of improving their ability to care for themselves. Skilled nursing and rehabilitation units are great options for patients that are not safe to go home independently. I’m learning in my caregiver role that we enter this world learning to be independent and to take care of ourselves yet as we venture towards are end there may be a need to become dependent on others for care. This transition is difficult for patients and their families. The SCDNT refers to the fact that families need to care for those that cannot care for themselves. It is important to work with families to determine safe and appropriate care options that will maintain independence in self-care and work with the patient and family to make the transition to dependency less traumatizing. Orem’s theory provides a good basis for nursing practice and guidance to ensure people are learning to care for themselves yet receive support when they are not able

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