Self Awareness Paper

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Self – Awareness Paper

Danmeng Yin

Lec 03

Student #: 1000366141

It is not unfamiliar to most people that they tend to receive positive feedbacks from their bosses, colleagues and friends. When they take those complements with rejoice and think that is who they really are, they fail to realize the foolishness on their end. While people tend to give credit to themselves when the result turns favorable, it is a normal practice that they place blame on externalities when things go south. However, they should be thinking within themselves about what really contributed to the result, especially in modern world where leadership skill is closely related to a person’s overall performance at work. That leads us to the conclusion that
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It is not hard to imagine that with tons of things to do every day: homework, assignments, work, life, a student can be easily overwhelmed by the heavy load and pressure if they can’t manage time to the best use. Having party and hanging around for several days and then realizing several assignments will due together two days later is not a pleasant experience. However, this never happened to me because I usually think ahead of time and plan everything necessary to make sure everything flows well to meet the deadline. Although time management is something applied throughout every semester, a typical example of the demonstration of my time management ability is before big exams, in particularly, final. As it is not uncommon to have 4 or 5 finals in 3 days, poor administration of time can result in less productivity than one should be overall, thus spoil the whole exam. To avoid being unable to finish what I’m supposed to study when the jam-packed exams come, I would plan while ahead of time for a schedule. As soon as the exam date was posted, I recorded the date on the calendar. Consequently, I clearly outlined a study schedule for each course which stipulated plan as detailed as which chapter to read or which problem set to practice for each day. The task was designed according to the feature of the course. For instance, if a course required lots of readings such as human behavior and organizational behavior, I would

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